Special Show 2018

Leonbergers Club of Estonia 10th Anniversary Special Show was held on June 3rd in Tabasalu.


Show was judged by long-term leonberger-breeder and special-judge Rita Pleibel-Seyffer from Germany. Total of 52 leonbergers from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland, Norway and Netherlands were entered, the longest-travelled guests arrived all the way from England.


BOB – Faithful Amigo Alize & BOS – Faithful Amigo Eau De Hugo Boss

BOB junior – Remröd’s Black Opal & BOS junior – Amulet Uspeha Shenay

BOB veteran – Golden Charmer Baywatch Pam & BOS veteran – Golden Charmer Baywatch Mitch


Best in Show winners –
BIS1 & BOB – Faithful Amigo Alize
BIS2 & BOS – Faithful Amigo Eau De Hugo Boss
BIS3 – Cardamine’s Miss Daisi
BIS4 – Amicus Optimus Crassus

Special Prizes –

The Best Head – Faithful Amigo Eau De Hugo Boss

The Best Coat – Memicedaiska Famke

The Best Movement – Booch Zoryanyi Chaklun

Winner of the lottery prize presented by Tiina Tomp Pet Grooming Salon was Aldercy vom Dreiburgenland.

Full results of the show HERE                             Judge’s summary of the show HERE

Photo gallery HERE

Beautiful prize to the Best Puppy presented by Dutch Leonberger Club –


Congratulations to winners and thank you to all participants, helpers and supporters!
See you at the Special Show 2019!

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