Special Show 2017

The biggest show in the history of the club so far – Special Show 2017 – was held on June 4th in Tabasalu. 

58 leonbergers from 8 countries were entered to be judged by one of the most renown and respected leonberger specialists in the world Mr. Guido Perosino from Italy. Participants from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Germany made unforgettable show with 75 participant numbers in the show catalogue all together.

Short summary of the show by Mr. Perosino can be found HERE

BOB – Aurelia Leo vom Zarendorf & BOS – Faithful Amigo Eau De Hugo Boss

Best In Show winners –
BIS I & Best of Breed – Aurelia Leo vom Zarendorf
BIS II – Skjærgaardens M.Star Noma
BIS III & BOS – Faithful Amigo Eau De Hugo Boss
BIS IV – Angelically Nightlight Diamond

Winners of the Special Prizes –
The Best Head – Faithful Amigo Eau De Hugo Boss

The Best Coat – Cardamine’s Caribba

The Best Movement – Skjærgaardens Mstar Troisgros

Special Prize for the Oldest Leonberger in the show kindly presented by Gaby Drescher from Germany went to 11,5 y.o. veteran Aldercy vom Dreiburgenland.

Winner of the lottery prize presented by Tiina Tomp Pet Grooming Salon was Cardamine’s Miss Daisi.

Full results HERE
Photo gallery HERE

Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you to all participants, helpers and supporters!
See you at Special Show 2018!

Our supporters –

Külli & Remy
Tarmo & Carlos
Katrin & Maurus
Mia & Princess & Jõmmu & Bastien & Madeleine
Tiina Tomp Lemmikloomade hooldussalong


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